Everything is in flux until you take it’s measure…

'The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection' Michelangelo, Beauty in #Art

Fairy Pools up the Black Cuillins (now in Technicolour)

Fairy Pools up the Black Cuillins
(now in Technicolour)

 In my painting practice I explore the gap between perceived reality and objective truth… when working in the studio I am trying to capture something real on canvas, I look to describe and therefore measure the world at least in so far as I can perceive it. ¿But how can my limited measurements be objective truth when the world I inhabit consists of nothing more than a series of mental snapshots that are the direct consequence of subjective reality?

 The paintings I produce are almost always based on real world imagery, but as my moods change with the seasons these images become overworked and are more often than not completely restructured at least once before being resolved… as such they are in a constant state of flux. I will feel one thing one day and another the next - and a painting that I believe to be on-point today, can tomorrow in a fit of pique be denounced as heresy and set aside to be repurposed as the basis of some new flight of fancy. All throughout the process I am constantly asking questions of subjective reality… What influences created this painting and how can I be sure of the thought processes that went into it’s conception when I have no hope of understanding the subtle changes that grew between the person I am now and who I was then; for me to commit the idea to canvas is to set down a marker, it is to say at that point I thought ‘this’, be that right or wrong.

 Each heavily reworked painting becomes a palimpsest [and an analogue of the person who created it] but most importantly this analogue is a direct measurement, serving to set ephemeral thoughts in stone… and becoming a point of reference - a touchstone on which I can look back on and say that on that day, I was that painting!