Grass in the Middle of the Road

Little Settlement Painting (former seaside hotel)

Little Settlement Painting (former seaside hotel)

Be careful of the grass in the middle of the road,

Walk to the side my mother would say,

Don’t step on the unknown pasture,

Be careful it poses a hidden danger,


But perhaps a greater adventure shall be had,

Gone too far the mind will not risk,

The fear is implanted deep from an inner voice,

A voice planted like a seed in youth that evolves to a great anxiety,


Anticipation of harm will become more of a menace,

It checks you it closes your mind,

Deep inside a fire grows, a soul suppressed, a want to escape,

Angst and unease implanted at first steps,


Step to the middle of that unworn path,

Find your limits, forebodings for one self,

A word is as small as you allow it to be,

So take that gamble before dismay engulfs the mind,

Live self-consciously before the comfort becomes regret.