Me' Head


I wake up but cannot get up, I don’t see how or why. I recall a time of freedom, yes with worry, but with a childlike can-dour.
Dwelling on past mistakes revel in uncertain comfort. A familiar drill a punishment for unresolved thoughtlessness.

A pitiful excuse for a human existence,
selfish thoughts and actions,
Emerges my mind while drifting back to sleep. I dream of a time a simple time, or so I thought, a customary feeling,
Drowned out and suffocated only to reemerge when reality bites.

Is it a time to stand tall like a cockerel on a morning call upon a red brick pier.
Perhaps standing tall if me' mind isn’t a stare, may consequently result in a punishing thought.
Would be safer to hide in a burrow crouched down at the smell of a fox.
Sit tight till the the end and hope he won’t clamber down and gobble me up.

I can’t seem to be free, perhaps I’ll switch out the lights an unknown escape,
Turn the page to reveal a stormy sky, acknowledging an existence in this world or the next,
If we all knew what lay beyond that door, would we sustain?
This world perhaps is made up of many dimensions lived individually.
Or a greater game for a higher being looking on with a comical eye.
Beyond the realms of thought, But fear can trap the mind like a star caged in a box.