He stands on his box with a joke of distain,
driven by forces well known to mankind,
our freedoms attacked to be all we can dream,
blind and ignorant to suffering and pain,

Pushed and Promoted by powerful hands,
tweeted with hash-tags for the General to sign,
reddened a posy from his golden shit tower,
to feed hungry minds full of loss and fear,

Just one move away from a fiery hell,
unrest and uncertainty surely this is the end,
dirty, deceitful games, driven by a black sided dice,
extraordinary times send a shiver down ones spine,

What future beholds us? A.I. replacements, work load diminished,
an exciting time to witness a time to behold, 
but a sinister turn is most certainly churning,
for the next revolution shan’t be a cog and a grind,

The future of poverty controlled by the masters of the motherboard,
fascist pigs feed noisily from the trough of inequality,
prejudices rise to the filthy mouth so effortlessly,
spoken with a disgust not heard in some time,
history... what can it teach us?