A little Statement about the Two Larger Green Paintings that I have been painting for most of the last year….


NewRoss Municipal TownPlan c1560


Well what exactly are these two larger green paintings in the greater scheme of all things - well, other than a pair of large scale oil paintings that are predominately green…. beyond that I am not really qualified to say what they are, I mean: I don’t even know where they will end up? and what on earth will they do whenever they get there?? But beyond me not wanting to see them thrown in a skip [would you believe that this was at one stage part of the original plan] is it really any concern of mine where they end up or what other people think when they look at them?? 


 Because for me at this stage the paintings will have served their purpose, When painting I like to use the canvas as a mathematician uses a blackboard… they are a 2 dimensional space, a true blank canvas if you will, where I can think things through. To put it another way, I like to spend my time in the company of paintings thinking about things of no importance to anyone but myself; my vain hope being that at some point during the day I will have come to some sort of understanding, however fleeting, where a myriad of diverse thoughts coalesce to make some sense of it all; and that maybe as a byproduct of this process I will have happened to depict in paint something more permanent of a brief moment of clarity before it dissipates all too quickly back into the aether from whence it came - even if it is rarely the case that anything of interest sticks - this wee lie is just a little something I like to tell myself as a way to get through my more insecure mornings in the studio. 


 In a way it is possible to draw some parallels between these paintings and a second year history student’s third rate essay on the subject of some history documentary they’ve recently seen repeated on BBC4. I often like to compare my paintings to documents of this sort (abet if only to attest to what little I understand of the world around me). I was always inquisitive about how the world works and I am forever trying to formulate in my mind the nature of things - whilst happily cherry picking convenient facts from history allows me to jump to wild conclusions about how and why things came about to be as they are. But a natural laziness combined with the inconvenient truth that I am a shockingly poor essayist [see enclosing text as case in point] conspire to rob me of a convenient outlet with which to communicate my ideas, but from a young age I have found painting an enjoyable if somewhat convoluted way of expressing thoughts out into the world and ergo I paint… 


 Because at the end of the day ‘paintings’ is what they are…. all of the preceding drivel simply describes a small selection of some of the supporting crutches that I like to tell myself in the hope that maybe they will act as an aid in creating a more interesting piece.. but I have heard it said that it is impossible to paint a picture about nothing, because even to try is to make a decision, and any paintings that result of this choice will be either interesting or unsuccessful. For me, I have always enjoyed using paint… I enjoy the making of things and I like to create things that have a look and feel of weight and quality, even if I am alone in the world in thinking them beautiful, but it is something that goes back to my earliest days on this earth and I suppose it will be with me for some years to come. It is my own personal way of communicating, even though I have oft found it hard to understand what exactly it is that I am trying to say. 


Wexford Harbour c1890