Scenes in Search of Characters (the Corner) 

Scenes in Search of Characters (the Corner) 


We sit and talk over cups of tea,

Laid out before us cakes and sweet,

The weather the match, what a game? Did you see?

The price of oil, how ill is that man down the street,


But how we feel may not be touched,

We may be shattered and broken inside,

The words are uttered but our emotions remain trapped,

Blissfully natter till the door is closed, head in hands an unexamined mind,


The thing we fear the most, we suppress,

We resemble a can of fizz, just a tick away from an explosion,

One wrong turn, a slight pull on the ring, may bring one to their knees,

So how to combat this self-inflicted mine field,


Know you need to talk, but really talk,

It’s a release, a slight depression on the valve, to relieve the pressure,

Engage eye to eye, listen not to be listened to,

Sit with your tea talk some of the world and more of within.