The Black Crow


The crows call out up upon the roof top,
They know what coming it’ll reach us all,
We are not defined by a single day,
But to live right now, right in the moment and observe,

Peace of mind is the only true fortune,
To ease into the day without the heavy hand of the past,
Turmoil, trauma may have been placed upon us,
Remerge with strength or remerge cracked in pieces,

The choice is set upon us as the swirling winds approach,
How do we captain this ship in a force ten gale?
Run around forget the mast and sink right there,
Or grab the wheel ground your feet and command her home or into fair,

The demons will come and go and darkness may engulf,
It’s a choice we must make to take upon and face, whatever hurt and pain,
Like high cumulus clouds on a windy autumn day,
Observe and follow and allow contemplation,
Make a picture like a child, recognize it and allow flowing away.