fresh from the Studio Wall

Since early 2005, theMuppetPuppet has been waiting patiently for You to come along and take a quick tour of our studio website; in the somewhat forlorn hope that 'You' might be one, of those fabled people of years of yore, whom were said to have had the spare moneys in their pockets with which to buy Art. And if you happen to be one of these people: you could quite easily use these spare moneys to buy a painting or two* and then theMuppetPuppet can finally go across to Tesco to buy some cigarettes and we can all move on with our lives and quickly forget that any of this ever happened.

*all the Art on this site was created solely for market research purposes


affordable works on paper…

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Top Top Quality

Only the very Best Types of Things are used in the creation of an Original MuppetPuppet Painting - be it the Materials used, the Imagery appropriated or the Conceptual Ideas stolen - it is a MuppetPuppet promise to only use the best of what is on offer in the world today*

*from within the confines of theMuppetPuppet studio 

How the Sausage Gets made Series…

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Edwin Powell Hubble