OnGoing Stolen Image Painting Project....

OnGoing Stolen Image Painting Project....


(Man in Blue Jeans)
oil on panel 2012-18

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‘We buy things not for need, but to express our inner sense of self to others’
Come up with a cunning stratagem to hit all of these unconscious desires and connect emotionally with peoples’ inner wallet

Create a series of paintings to interact with each of these 5 unconscious desires… 

  1. Sexual 
  2. Psychological 
  3. Sociological 
  4. Demand for status 
  5. Demand for recognition

First up… Sexual… what does sexual even mean in this context?  To express our inner self to others…  do men buy the aftershave because of the beautiful women in the ads, is this all about the Lynx ad?

 When we see the lynx ad on the telly it makes a connection between a young man using Lynx deodorant and untold numbers of eager young women falling over each other to get in at his willy…  or it aims to create this connection at least (there is nothing subtle about it…  they are not trying to talk to your subconscious, they are talking directly to your ‘ego’) is it as simple as showing the man an image of a beautiful girl and trusting that he will make the subconscious connection that your product will make him more attractive to the opposite sex?  There must be more to it than that!!! Symbolism… the woman, the sports car, do we use Lynx because we really believe it will make us more attractive or is it simply that it is the biggest name on the supermarket shelf…  I always thought that the ad buy was primarily made to reinforce this market position - I have a wee confession to make here!  I like many before me and no doubt many since, have owned a can or two of Lynx deodorant… I always believed that I did so because of brand recognition [it was the name I recognised on the shelf, but maybe that was my mind’s way of repressing some sort of subconscious embarrassment I felt as a result of hidden undercurrents] maybe I did think women would line up around the block… and I wouldn’t have complained if they did; but is it as easy as putting an image of a nice swimsuit beside the painting to create that subconscious connection??  And if so, exactly how and why do I want my painting to work in relation to this unconscious desire?  Do I want it to work on men or women? And how do I use paint to give the feeling of expressed unconscious ‘sexual’ desire?  

 Maybe it’s as simple as painting a nude… and putting a pretty woman in the painting to see how that works;  SIMPLY PUT - if it appeals to the libido it will have an effect on the libido - this works for Lynx right!! And by buying this ‘nude’, the patron (man or woman) is saying to the world that, this is the kind of stuff that I am into…  I am a sexual creature, and this is the kind of ‘thing’ that I like to surround myself with.  And by ‘liking’ the image on facebook, twitter and the like… the ‘liker’ is signalling to the world that this is the type of thing that they literally like; leading on from this: anyone who does click on the image is of a personality type that is susceptible to buying stuff that will appeal to this unconscious desire (it's as simple as that) but that's just not good enough for an interesting painting…  I want to create a painting that will appeal to inner desires subconsciously…  or more to the point: appeal to our innate need to express this desire to others [resulting in a sold painting] and there has to be more to this than pulling some porn off the internet and reproducing it verbatim for a few cheap trills… 

 Maybe this ‘stolen profile picture’ project I am trialing could tick some of the boxes… currently I am copying profile pictures off twitter with the aim of painting them; Why?? I have a couple of reasons - but the original concept was simply to take the ‘intellectual property’…  people like to put images of themselves up on the internet and I wanted to take these images and use them as a basis to create paintings…  just some ‘Pirate Party’ type shit!!  but today - while painting an image liberated from cyberspace the thought struck me that in shooting, selecting and editing this profile picture the girl in question was making a concerted effort to project an image of herself that she wanted the world to see…  this ties into her unconscious desire to tell the world something about her inner self; peoples profile pictures are dripping with the hidden inner desires they wish to project to the outside world…  so continue doing them then, split them into groups according to the 5 themes listed above and paint paint paint….  But then again, maybe I am totally missing the point with all this ‘expressing’ ourselves to other people stuff?  When you choose to buy a product are you not actually making a statement to an audience of one?  The buyer of the can of Lynx is subconsciously saying that he (or she) wants to be the kind of person that has suitors lining up around the block…  and to buy a can of Lynx is to signal to yourself that you want to live that Lynx life…  but that’s a whole ‘nother story for another series of paintings.