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All Artworks on this website can be said to be a creation of theMuppetPuppet or someone else.... If you happen to see an artwork that looks familiar or is similar to something you either did in the past or were thinking of doing in the foreseeable future, we thank you for the brilliant idea and we hope you have better success making some money out of it than we had.



Quisque faucibus eu libero vitae lobortis. Cras bibendum ac magna in feugiat. Cras mollis sit amet dui porttitor aliquam. And Finally, if by chance you happened upon this MuppetPuppet website and clicked upon theMuppetPuppet links and whatnot, you are now liable to purchase at least one MuppetPuppet product (not necessarily a painting, we are not that greedy - a print will suffice) but take note: by clicking on that link down there at the bottom of this page, theMuppetPuppet.com contact page could pop up in a new window and you may be liable to purchase a second item. (true story)